Say hello to the new us.

You know how we keep asking people to make a change in their homes? We thought it would be nice to practice what we preach and bring about a change in Pepperfry as well. Our logo has looked the same for a while, so shaking things up a bit and making way for something new sounded like a good idea. We’re stoked that our new identity is brighter and happier. In fact, if you squint and take a good look at the logo, you’ll see smiles in there. We did and we hope you do too, because that’s the core of why we exist and we’re poised to bring about many more smiles into your lives.


But on a serious note… in less than 6 years, Pepperfry has become the market leader in the furniture market in the country. We’ve achieved this position through a series of initiatives and innovations which have enhanced its core capabilities and inherent strengths of the managed marketplace model. This market dominance has been a journey and has not been achieved overnight – a series of market facing capabilities developed specifically for this segment have resulted in Pepperfry being able to reach this position.

The new Pepperfry logo imbibes the cultural values of intensity and inclusiveness which have helped us to develop market and consumer solutions to achieve the success and leadership that it has.

We define Intensity as the willingness to go the extra mile and to seek ground-up solutions for new problems. In a new industry “online furniture marketplace” there were many challenges – unwillingness of suppliers to provide single pieces of furniture for the retail market, lack of documented product specifications and high quality catalogue images, lack of standardisation of materials used and quality control processes, packaging material and practices that were not suited for retail shipping, no capability in the market to economically and on a timely basis ship non-standard large boxes across long distances, no last mile capabilities in terms of “apartment” specific deliveries or assembly services, etc. Using the value of intensity as the cornerstone, we developed very specific solutions and capabilities for each of the above problems and more. This Intensity continues to drive innovation on an ongoing basis and is represented in the bold font of the new logo. It is also captured in the usage of hot colours in the new logo from a deep red to a flaming orange.

Inclusiveness is another unchanging value of Pepperfry – it emerges from our core-business model of being a marketplace. It manifests in a series of attributes that help drive who we are and what guides us – we serve all customers and segments – small to big, value seekers to luxury indulgers, from modern designs to historical (ethnic and colonial) pieces, from using new material like Engineered wood to using seasoned timber and cast iron in the designs. Young millennials who are building starter homes can find what they want on Pepperfry and well-settled Gen Xers who are enhancing their lifestyle can find statement pieces on Pepperfry. We are an omni-channel player with 23 studios across the country where one can touch and feel the products and we were among the first to launch a technology forward AR-enhanced App to help consumers make superior visualisations of their homes on their mobile phones. This inclusiveness of offerings, services and attitudes forms a guiding principle for our business decisions and is represented on the new logo via the red to orange vignette that starts from P and goes onto Y. The changing colour brings a sense of dynamism to the logo and is not discrete and therefore stands for infinite possibilities of inclusiveness.

Finally, Happiness which is the main customer outcome of the Pepperfry experience, embodied in the tagline “Happy Furniture to You” forms the most striking aspect of the new logo. Buying furniture in India is not an easy task – there is no standardisation of information or materials or specifications, most of the market is still served by carpenters and unorganised shops which have huge variations in promise versus delivery across factors like design, quality, price, timelines etc. We bring our capabilities and experience to bear upon these issues and provide the buyer a happy buying experience and that is the final element of the new Pepperfry logo, the foundational design element of the new logo is the smile of a happy customer and the shape of the letters in the logo are built around the smile as a device.

And if you’re wondering why is the change happening now? In the words of our CMO, Kashyap Vadapalli:

We believe the time is right to infuse freshness into our brand and make our identity reflect our values and ethos. Today, we are the most recognised furniture brand in the country, this has been achieved through a relentless focus on delivering happiness to our consumers. We are confident that this promise will be further strengthened through our brand identity change. It is a representation of who we have become today and how we are well on our path to further dominate the furniture and home segment.

Dear reader

Be it naphthalene-smelling, dog-eared leaves or crisp pages that have never been turned – a book is best held in hand and read non-digitally (yes, we, the dotcom company, said that) in a comfortable couch with a tea in hand. We’re old fashioned like, and it’s got no connection to the fact that we sell couches and tea cups and book shelves and book cases and book ends and some books too! Oh, in case you’re wondering, it’s Book Lover’s Day today, so we thought to ourselves, is there a better way of celebrating the day than with a reading list? Here are the favourites from a few of our favourites.


The CEO’s picks:

  • Don Quixote U.S.A – Richard Powell
  • The Wheel of Time Series – Robert Jordan
  • Words of Radiance – Brandon Sanderson
  • Going Postal – Terry Pratchett
  • The Golden Rendezvous – Alistair MacLean

The CMO’s picks:

  • Liar’s Poker – Michael Lewis
  • Made in America – Sam Walton
  • The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell
  • Fooled by Randomness – Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

The COO’s picks:

  • India After Gandhi: The History of the World’s Largest Democracy – Ramchandra Guha
  • The Goal – Eliyahu M. Goldratt
  • Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsieh
  • Sapiens: A brief history of humankind – Yuval Noah Harari
  • The Autobiography – Benjamin Franklin

The CTO’s picks:

  • Surely, you are joking, Mr Feynmann! – R.P Feynman/multiple authors
  • Catch 22 – Joseph Heller
  • Code Complete – Steve Macconnell
  • It’s Your Ship – Capt D. Michael Abrashoff
  • Books by P.G. Wodehouse

The CFO’s picks:

  • Barbarians at the Gate -The Fall of RJR Nabisco – Bryan Burrough & John Helyar
  • The Art of Possibility – Rosamund Stone Zander & Benjamin Zander
  • Good to Great – Jim Collins
  • Innovators Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail – Clayton Christensen
  • Doctors – Erich Segal

The HR lady’s picks:

  • Six days of war – Michael Oren
  • The Art of War – Sun Tzu
  • Eleven Minutes – Paulo Coelho
  • Madame Bovary – Gustave Flaubert

The creative person’s picks:

  • Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll
  • Persepolis – Marjane Satrapi
  • The Missing Piece Meets the Big O – Shel Silverstein
  • The Catcher in the Rye – J. D. Salinger
  • The Mahabharata – C. Rajagopalachari

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the book he/she reads. But then if you read a person by the book, do you judge a book by its cover as well? While we get entangled in the proverbial labyrinth of words, do untangle us by sharing how you intend to celebrate the day – with a book, we hope? Tell us what’s on your reading list? The comments section is waiting. We’re listening.


Last week, a few of us embarked upon a journey of exploration that took us to great heights. Well, literally.

9 people.
3 exhilarating days.
4270m of trekking.

From sky-high vertical rock walls to memorable moments of vertigo. Breath-taking hanging glaciers and those nearly-out-of-breath moments. Tiny lakes and far-from-tiny peaks.

The trip to Hampta Pass was everything we had hoped for and more. When words fail us, pictures come to our rescue.

And we’ll leave you with a fun fact: Apparently, the route was taken by Yudhishthira on his accent to heaven. Come to think of it, we did feel closer to God, or was it nature (or maybe it was each other?)


At Pepperfry, we believe that a woman should be honored for the unique person she is; her strengths and weaknesses, her aspirations and her fears – beacons standing out rather than the background ambience of generalizations.

To this end we have picked for you, a few Women of Pepperfry for you to get to know better and read their stories. We hope these inspire you as they inspire us on a daily basis.

FB_post_8_march_111. Not where you come from, but what you aspire to become – shapes you as a person. 
“I come from a traditional Marwari family, where women have quite an insignificant role to play. When I was growing up, I longed to see parity and respect for all the women in my family. I aspired to grow up into a fiercely independent person. I found my voice when I took up Mass Media, which transformed me into the successful professional that I am today. But let me not forget the men in my life who never stopped supporting me. My father, who fought all odds to give my sister and me, the freedom to choose a career we wanted to; my brother, who never once lost faith in me, and most importantly, my husband – the man who makes me feel empowered to be who I am, gives me the confidence to go out and conquer my fears and the world. I passionately believe that, what shapes you as person is not where you come from, but what aspirations you aim for. I am proud to have proven myself right.”
– Nikita Jain, PR
FB_post_8_march_012. If you want to be happy, be. 
“My mom, never once talked about how much she missed my father; I think her feelings were way beyond expression. She was widowed at the age of 31 when I was only a year old, and my brother five. It’s sad how tough and uncomfortable it can get for a widowed woman sometimes, I can not be put in words. But she never cared about herself! She did not leave any stone unturned and ran all the household chores, stood up for herself, and brought us up. I was on my own all through my childhood, yet guarded by my family in a way.
Like many girls do, I imagined my life would be a fairy tale too. I found my Prince Charming, we dated for over 3 years and then we got married. Everything was actually like a fairy-tale up until a day when after 2 years, he suddenly left me alone and filed a divorce, without telling me why! Most of my friends, relatives, and people I knew deserted me, started looking down upon me. I started losing hope, and was on the verge of severe depression and self-isolation; when luckily my mother, my grandparents and my colleagues at work brought me back from this darkness. They stood by me and motivated me. They gave me a reason to start living again. And I did just that!
I started making better use of my time, reading books, painting and working for an NGO. More than a year later, I met the man who changed my life, he made me fall in love with myself again. He loved me unconditionally without caring about my past, present, and future. He talked to my family about us, helped them overcome their fears and proposed to me. It’s been over a year now that we’re married and I am about to give birth to our beautiful angel. When I look back I feel that life is beautiful, and I could never ask for more!
– Nupura Naik, Studio Pepperfry
FB_post_8_march_093.  Stand for what you think is right, ALWAYS!
“I was 17 when I met the person I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. But I hail from a conservative family, and I knew for a fact that they would never approve. I have always respected how my parents compromised on their needs to make sure that my siblings and I get the best possible infrastructure. I have always loved them for how they raised me up, made me a kind-hearted and caring individual. But I was convinced to disagree with them when they forbade me from settling down with the person I so dearly wanted to. I went ahead, against all norms and tied the knot. Often tagged as a brave decision, only the one goes through, understands the emotional turmoil of not being the ‘good girl’ she was expected to be, turn ‘against’ the wishes of her family and choose her life partner. I still do not love anyone more than my parents, however differently my actions might imply and I still at times feel that void! But I have never once regretted my decision of following my heart, and not letting my fears prevent me from doing something that I felt was right.”
– Seema Joshi, Customer Support
These are just some stories, we have a handful more!


Budget 2017: Promotes Growth, Builds Digital India

The Union Budget 2017-18 has set the right direction as our country takes a challenging global economic environment head-on.

The emphasis is squarely on growth with a slew of initiatives including higher allocation to infrastructure, increased emphasis on affordable housing and higher disposal income in the hands of India’s middle class. The suite of measures on real estate, lower holding period for long term capital gain, larger homes under affordable housing affect everything – steel, cement, employment of unskilled labour, bank financing etc. This standalone has the potential to create a virtuous investment cycle.

Infrastructure is the other booster dose. What may seem like a simple protocol change – abolishing the separate presentation of Railway budget – reveals a grander ambition of an integrated end-to-end logistics framework with Railways as the center piece. The strengthening of the multi-modal transport system with railways and highways sector plays a critical role in improving the supply chain and logistics ecosystem in the country. This is a clear win for all sectors particularly e-Commerce players delivering goods across India.

The Budget also bolsters the consistent efforts by our government to cement India’s leadership in the ‘Digital World’. Every aspect of the budget emphasizes on Digital – be it cashless payments, encouraging indigenous manufacture of POS terminals, connecting Bharat, promotion of Bhim App, introduction of Aadhar Pay, etc. These are progressive steps which will fundamentally change how we as a country transition into a digitized avatar. Digital inclusion will drive financial inclusion, digital payments will be the new norm and e-Commerce a way of life. This emphasis on Digital will empower citizens and make the customer king.

The budget also recognizes the role of entrepreneurship and the need to foster innovation. The start-up eco-system will leapfrog with easier flow of capital and extension of tax benefit to 7 years. In the brick and mortar context, MSME’s are the original start-ups. Here again, it is heartening that the Government is investing in skill upgradation and providing tax relief for the MSME sector. The Indian furniture industry is pre-dominantly unorganized, accounts for about 2% of our GDP and employs over 50 Lakh people. We anticipate that these measures will provide an impetus to India’s furniture industry. The Pepperfry marketplace continues to be committed to a strong partnership with small business owners and craftsmen; together we shall help 20 million Indians create beautiful homes by 2020.



Our journey began when after years in corporate life, Ashish and I figured that while being in a comfort zone is beautiful, frankly nothing ever grows there and so it was time for us to do something new, exciting and quite possibly foolhardy… and it was a Tuesday Evening 5 years ago, when was born.

Today, Pepperfry is India’s No.1 Furniture and Home Products Marketplace; but more importantly we are a team that’s been carved by a sense of purpose, tempered by mutual respect and forged together by the fires of success. Pepperfry has certainly given us all, some of our closest advisors, fiercest critics and bestest friends.

Our mantra has always been to fight hard and fast until our competitors ask if we are hiring. As we celebrate our 5th birthday today, I say kudos to the team’s passion, perseverance and pursuit of perfection, together we make music.

Here’s to a bright future, great friendships and the best team that we could ever wish for!

Happy Anniversary again! Let’s continue to Pioneer. Delight. Sizzle.


We at Pepperfry spend a lot of time reflecting on ourselves and the business. While it’s a very convenient method of procrastinating :), a lot of our thought and mind-share goes into how to simplify the business and ensure transparency with all our stakeholders be it merchants, customers, investors, et all.

Folks who’ve been closely associated with us will vouch for this.

Our merchant family is about 14,000 strong. Most of who have been associated with us over our 4.5 long years of business operations. We’ve recently rolled out an initiative (driven largely by merchant partner feedback) wherein we split our commission into various services we offer them in order to serve our customers.

In an attempt to provide them a detailed overview of all charges, we’ve redesigned our commission structure into the following 3 heads.

  • Marketing Fees
  • Platform Fees
  • Shipping and Handling Charges

Further, a service tax component is charged on the total of the above three heads as mandated by government regulations.

Do note that the current net commission charged by Pepperfry has not increased due to this initiative. The intent here was to empower to our partners and help them grow and take decisions around their relationship with us.

This change is effective as of 1st September, 2016 for all the customer orders.



Landscape - The Chadar - 1The trigger for this blog is a discussion between some Pepperfry folks who are set to go on a high altitude trek in the next few weeks. I had done the ‘Chadar Trek’ recently in February this year and through the trek I kept thinking about the similarities between trekking and startup life. It’s an introspective monsoon day in Mumbai, business is good, so what better time than this to put my thoughts on paper.



There was a great bunch of people at the trek, a batch mate, his colleague, people I met for the first time at the trek and a couple of people I would have loved to hire for Chadar - Group
sheer enthusiasm. The weather had become warmer a few days before our trek and therefore parts of the ice sheet on the Zanskar River had melted. This had caused some groups who had left a couple of days before us to turn back and our group was faced with a similar decision. Our group decided to move further on, knowing fully well that we’d have to climb the cliff face over some sections of the river to continue the trek. We helped each other, learnt new and safe ways of climbing with experts (locals and porters) advising us and successfully forged on together as a group.

Pepperfry has been a similar experience. I have been blessed with a great co-founder and have had the fortune of counting some of the best human beings I have ever met as colleagues and friends. Together we have had our share of tricky paths to navigate over the last 4 years. One that I’ll never forget is when due to a subdued capital market in 2013 all the leaders in Pepperfry took massive pay cuts to restrict layoffs and still be able to invest behind marketing and supply chain. Our team and partners are the reason behind our success.



The Chadar ice sheet is tricky to navigate. There are basically 3 types of surfaces I encountered, this is a laypersons definition and my apologies in advance for not following any established nomenclature that might be out there.

The first type ‘hard Ice covered by fresh snow’ is easy to walk on as the snow provides enough friction to get a decent grip, you can walk faster and don’t get tired that easily. The second type of surface was ‘plain hard ice’ which looked and was slippery and you had to be extra careful walking on it. The third type of surface was the treacherous ‘hard ice covered by day old snow which looked like fresh snow but was as slippery as ice’, which lulled you into a false sense of comfort by looking just like fresh snow and was responsible for the largest number of falls. I must have fallen 10-15 times a day on this third surface till I accepted my inability to judge between old snow and new snow and therefore treated all snow with equal caution.

The lesson I learnt at the expense of several hard falls on the Chadar applies well to the startup life and is the fallowing (pun intended) – paths that look the same very often aren’t the same, it pays to investigate further and learn fast in order to avoid faltering on a regular basis. In Pepperfry for example, we started off selling all lifestyle goods including clothing and jewellery. We learnt the pitfalls of these categories early and despite them being attractive propositions at the time, realized they weren’t in line with our core values hence pivoted out to become a pure-play furniture and home retailer. Obviously, a great strategy in hindsightJ.



Bala - Chadar Broke HandWe had all prepped for the trek with good equipment, great guides and endurance training. Then one of our group members fell and broke his wrist. Here, some context is important – the Chadar trek is done over a river that has iced over and is in the middle of a Himalayan gorge – no vehicle (on air, land or water) can get to you in an emergency. To top it all, cell phones don’t work which is an awesome break from office life, but sucks big time when you need help. So the only alternative open is to strap on and start walking back to the base station. Fortunately we had a sports doctor in our group (amazing, right!), the person who had broken his wrist had awesome will power and thankfully the incident happened on our way back so he and I trekked an extra 10 Km on the last 2 days to get back to civilization (Leh) a day earlier.

Here’s my learning. Prepare well and leave no stone unturned when you are trying to do something for the first time, but sometimes things don’t go as per plan and you’ve got to improvise, put in additional effort and above all be positive to manage under the toughest of circumstances.


WEAR SUNSCREEN! Chadar - Tents

We wore tons of sunscreen during the trek, at higher altitudes the sun is closer and its rays have a significant effect on the skin. But my reason for including this learning is the songJ, I love the song, do check it out when you get the chance



I guess the fun of a trek like a startup is in the journey and not only the destination. It’s in how we plan during the good times, how we face up to hardships and the friends we make along the way.

Happy Trekking To You!



The ‘Chadar Trek’ is a winter trek on the frozen Zanskar River/Zanskar Gorge in the Zanskar region of Ladakh. It’s a trek between vertical cliffs up to 600m high and on sections of the river less than 5m wide at places. The term ‘Chadar’ comes from the local language where it means ‘layer’ – indicating the layer of ice that covers the river.

The Chadar Trek is a high endurance trek which covers a distance of about 105 Km on foot, a typical trekker completes a distance of 15–17 Km each day for about 9 days.

The best time to do the Chadar Trek is January/February when the low winter temperatures (the temperature drops to -30o Celsius) freeze the river enough to be able to trek on the river.

Here are some useful links to learn more about the Chadar Trek:

Photo Credits Courtesy Deepanshu, Pooja and Bala, Friends and Chadar Trek Group Members


Welcome to the World’s No.1 Blog*

(*Ranked Number 1 in an impartial survey amongst all Pepperfry employees who thought a corporate blog was a good idea).

You might think that we are a little late to the blog party and you’d be right. We couldn’t make time to blog because we’ve been on a crazy ride these last 4 years, getting from a small 21-member team managing a few customers and 200 square feet of warehousing space, to a thousand member team and a warehouse that can accommodate 3 airbuses side by side (we aren’t kidding, we checked).

All the hard work *snort* our CXOs have put in has not been in vain. We are today India’s largest managed marketplace for furniture and home products*

(*Ranked No. 1 in an impartial survey among left handed people from Powai buying items on a Sunday night – the discerning reader must have realized that we have also been working hard doing a lot of impartial surveys).

So yeah, good times.

Anyway, we’d love to tell you that we now have time to stop and smell the roses (read: bask in your adulation) but we’re basically doing this because we need the occasional digital hug.

Our blog ( will share with you what we’ve learnt, things that have gone right, things have gone wrong and things that SEO well. Stay tuned.

Happy Reading to You!