Welcome to the World’s No.1 Blog*

(*Ranked Number 1 in an impartial survey amongst all Pepperfry employees who thought a corporate blog was a good idea).

You might think that we are a little late to the blog party and you’d be right. We couldn’t make time to blog because we’ve been on a crazy ride these last 4 years, getting from a small 21-member team managing a few customers and 200 square feet of warehousing space, to a thousand member team and a warehouse that can accommodate 3 airbuses side by side (we aren’t kidding, we checked).

All the hard work *snort* our CXOs have put in has not been in vain. We are today India’s largest managed marketplace for furniture and home products*

(*Ranked No. 1 in an impartial survey among left handed people from Powai buying items on a Sunday night – the discerning reader must have realized that we have also been working hard doing a lot of impartial surveys).

So yeah, good times.

Anyway, we’d love to tell you that we now have time to stop and smell the roses (read: bask in your adulation) but we’re basically doing this because we need the occasional digital hug.

Our blog (peptalk.pepperfry.com) will share with you what we’ve learnt, things that have gone right, things have gone wrong and things that SEO well. Stay tuned.

Happy Reading to You!